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Performance audits
Interim/annual reviews and compilations
Preparation of cash flow projections and financial forecasts
Management compliance policies and procedures
Financial reviews
Implementation of new technical standards
Development of internal periodic financial reporting packages
Evaluate, design and implement accounting and reporting systems
Cost-benefit or other special financial analysis
Assistance with improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.
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We gain a thorough understanding of your business goals and objectives, management philosophy and surrounding business environment, enabling us  to  proactively  develop  key solutions  providing  enhanced  value  to  your  business  well beyond the traditional attest and related services.

Outsource your accounting department to TopNax and  start  saving  by  completely eliminating such expenses as payroll taxes, medical insurance,  related  office  expenses,  supervision, and  year-end  bonuses. You  can  cut  the  slack even  further  by  selecting the desired frequency and degree of bookkeeper and controller services, thus ensuring that you pay for only what you need.


Advantages of Outsourcing to TopNax:


· Reduced Cost of Non-Core Functions

· Ability to Concentrate on Core Competences

· Flexibility in Selecting Service Package

Depending on your communication preferences, nature and frequency of the requested service, IT capabilities, and other factors Vega will offer the best available option to enable remote delivery of its accounting services.


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