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TopNax provides legal advice, counseling, and service to its clients. We address existing and potential legal matters in order  to  help our clients achieve to the maximum business securities. In addition, Legal Affairs coordinates and supervises all legal services for the clients  ensuring that they meet the highest standards for their business expectances.

Whether you’re part of a small firm or a multi-national corporation TopNax advices on all aspects of company and business law. If you own your own business in any size, you’ll need a legal team you can trust, who are committed to getting your deals done and who can address the corporate and commercial questions that can challenge any organization.

We are able to counsel you on such matters as:

• Starting  businesses in  new countries.
• Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s).
• Company formations in new countries.
• Commercial Property.
• Mergers, acquisitions, contracts, NDA.
• Share agreements and transfers.
• Employment issues.
• Licences.

At TopNax we aim to guide you at every step of  the way, from  the initial negotiations right through to  completion, leaving you free to concentrate on the practical issues of making your new business a success.


Legal Affairs

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