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TopNax is a business to business PR agency.  We  develop  and  execute  highly  effective  public relations  campaigns  to help businesses achieve a range of commercial and strategic objectives.


Through applying intelligent thinking and marketing nuance to B2B PR, thought leadership, marketing communications, digital PR, event PR, copywriting, business development and media training, we make a fundamental difference to the profile, reputation and commercial success of our clients' businesses.

Often neglected, strategic planning is crucial to the success of any PR campaign. All parties need to know what the goals are. If you’re planning a rail journey for example, you need to know the destination before you plan the actions you need to complete so that you get there successfully.

We’ll sit down with you, probably over a coffee, and discuss your corporate aims. We’ll then look at how PR can help you to achieve these and what we need the end result to be. To follow the analogy above, we wouldn’t want to get off at the wrong station or take the wrong train.

If you’re looking for a PR agency packed with ideas, energy, commercial experience to help you in your business, contact us now.

Public Relation

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