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Market Research.
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As a marketing consultant we undertake regional, national, global and international DTC, B2B, internet marketing, SEO,  search engine optimization, development and design of websites, producing  sales, promotional  and  merchandising material.

With a wealth of business experience We  can  also  offer  business  advice  and  management  consultancy  including operational management, preparing and managing budgets, financial planning, HR (Human Resources), recruitment, sales presentations and presenting and acquiring funding. We guarantee a WIN-WIN situation for you.

We can become your outsourced marketing department or outsourced marketing director, providing you with temporary marketing or interim marketing to assist in increasing sales with creative and innovative marketing, undertaking design of leaflets, brochures, sales letters, email marketing, exhibitions, website design and development.

· Develop a sales strategy to increase sales per campaign

· Help you on how to follow up leads and turn these into sales

· Produce news items for the press to use, so potential customers learn about you and your successes through regular PR

· Make your business stand out from the competition

· Help you to gain the most out of networking and exhibitions

· Help you to gain major contracts and build relationships with large company buyers

· Marketing experts so you stay ahead of the competition and become the leading business in your market place

· Competitor Research

· Market research and develop new marketing opportunities


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